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Opulentus complaints desk is an exclusive cell started by Opulentus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd after it noticed the common grievances or issues-which need immediate attention-that many people face in general when they apply/after they apply for a visa application either individually or through an immigration consultancy.

Comprising a team of immigration specialists (who are expertise in handling various visa queries pertaining to different countries) and psychologists (counselors), Opulentus complaints desk is an independent body that's not influenced by any other departments of Opulentus.

Opulentus complaints department has categorized its complaints under two categories:-

(i) genuine

(ii) fraudulent

Any client, after availing service or while availing service, is encouraged to write to Opulentus complaints desk (the email would be provided in the client's kit). Upon receiving the email, Opulentus complaints team would go through the complaint in detail to ascertain its category. If found fraudulent, which includes blaming the company without supporting or demanding the refund without even narrating the problem (although such demands would not be entertained as per our refund policy).

We would, nevertheless, revert to the client with the appropriate answer. If the complaint is found to be a grievance, it would be placed under 'genuine category,' and forwarded to the immigration specialists. They would look into your grievance and find an amicable solution—something like asking for an appeal through Opulentus.

Opulentus complaints desk, ever since its inception, has been widely hailed by clients as well as those in the immigration field. It would not only solve the clients' issues but even make us happy as Opulentus cares for client's happiness and everything else comes next.

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