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Very Good Investment

Investing in Immigration can give you the best interest that no Bank, Insurance, Stock or commodity can give.

An immigration investment for your family could cost between Rs.1.0 to Rs.2.0 lacs. Consider these questions:

  • How much gold can Rs.2.0 lacs buy? It buys a mere 15 grams or so. At the end of 5 years it may be worth Rs.3.0 lacs and no more than that.
  • Rs.1.0 lacs cannot buy any real estate. A Fixed Deposit gives no more than 10% and that gets eaten away by the 10% inflation.
  • Investing in stocks or mutual funds is too risky and even if it gives a 100% return, you will have Rs.1.0 lacs in 5 years and owe 30% in taxes.
  • A Rs.1.0 lacs investment in a Permanent Residency will buy you a permanent visa not only for you but for also your entire family - for a lifetime. Your next generation will also enjoy the benefits of the visa.
  • Immigration laws change each year. Apply when you are eligible or else the laws change and you will not be eligible when you want to apply.
  • Isn't it fortunate that the best and richest English speaking countries in the world offering us an immigration program? India, despite our growth rate, will not have the quality of life they currently have.
  • Investing in a Permanent Residency is cheaper than investing in a local club membership or a timeshare program. With a Permanent Residency, you and your family get a membership to the best countries in the world.

Immigration is issued by all the above countries only with specific level of competencies and is not open for every one as they are very cautious not to give so many benefits just for every one. They do a survey on specific skills that are required to meet the areas where they are finding it difficult to fill in with local recruits and specify them and give visa to only those specific people who meet the criteria because they feel these PR will come improve the countries economy.

So you think you're ready to pack it all up and live overseas? Are you convinced of soaring off to live and work in some far-flung destination, perhaps for a year, or even for good?

Apply for a Permanent Residency through Opulentuz- The Leader in Overseas Career and Immigration Consultant in India.

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