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South Africa Medical Visa

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South African medical permits are valid for people immigrating to South Africa to be treated at either a private or public hospital or any other genuine recognized health organization including rehabilitation, detoxification clinics, health farms and old age residential homes.


A South African medical visa allows a person to enter the country in order to receive medical treatment. The permit is valid for ninety days and in some respects it functions in a similar manner to a South African visitor visa.

Unlike longer-term temporary residence permits, medical visas do not require any financial requirements to be made beyond the ability to pay for the treatment being undertaken.


The main eligibility requirement for South African medical visas is that all applications must include a letter from the medical practitioner or institution concerned.

This correspondence must detail the nature of the condition or ailment, the treatment prescribed and the reasons for its recommendation. In addition, information must be provided on the appointments made for South African treatment, the expected period of the treatment and the person or body responsible for paying the appropriate fees. Finally, proof of medical cover will need to be provided.

In South Africa, visas may be waived in cases where medical treatment is required in an emergency.

In such circumstances, subjects will be permitted entry to South Africa without possessing a South Africa medical permit. However, an immigration officer will visit the patient once treatment has taken place to ensure that the correct South African visa service is granted.

In such circumstances, the driver, pilot or person otherwise in charge of the emergency vehicle is responsible for reporting the person's presence in the country to the Department of Home Affairs.

Once a visiting immigration officer is satisfied that the patient is in the country with a valid passport a temporary residence permit, they will be issued to cover the necessary length of stay.

Spouse and dependent immigration

The medical permits for treatment in South Africa do not specifically provide permit for the spouse, life partner or dependent children of the applicant to join them.

A South African visa of this kind is only issued for up to ninety days and is granted in anticipation that the applicant temporarily immigrating to South Africa will undergo the described treatment before returning to their country of residence.

The most appropriate route for relatives wishing to join the applicant in the country would be to apply for a South African visitor permit in their own right.

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Visa Fee

There is no visa  fee for Indians. For other nationals it is 2560 INR

Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

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