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Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Iam Ready to Start the Process with an Initial Review. What's the Process Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  You can decide to do an online IRR

You can decide to pay in 6 options which are available on HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT or a consultant will guide you appropriately


Your Initial Review Report will be made in less than 72 hours

You will fill up the online application. You will then receive your Registration ID once the SERVICE COST is cleared


You can take time to review the report and decide whether to go for full service

If you decide to go for the full service you can know the costs by logging on to SERVICE COST and choose a payment option and Sign a Service


SA will e-mail the check list and will conduct an orientation where you will be educated on each future step

Finance team confirms the payment and you will be allotted with a exclusive SA to work on the Petition


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