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About Iceland

Located in between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, Iceland is a Nordic and densely populated country with 325,671 inhabitants residing in the country. Immigration to Iceland can benefit you from low tax rates, territory education and world-class health-care facilities. Being a free-market economy, the country ranks high in various aspects including economic, social stability, political, and equality. United Nations' Human Development Index has ranked Iceland as the 13th most-developed country in the world.

Iceland is the 18th largest island in the world and second largest island in Europe. The country is the seventh most productive country in the world per capita (US$54,858) and the fifth most productive by GDP at purchasing power parity ($40,112), according to 2007 statistics.

Iceland Tourism

Boasted of beautiful places, breathtaking landscape, pristine nature, hidden waterfalls, world’s famous restaurants, little rock club, vibrant culture, Iceland turned up to be the perfect place for tourists who wish to  experience the unique natural wonder of the Northern Lights. Being a country of extreme contrasts and boundless possibilities, Iceland is a perfect place for individuals who wish to experience exciting adventures. Iceland is a best holiday destination for tourists who would like to avail rich culture, rugged and beautiful nature. Iceland is a unique destination that offers people with unexpected and most thrilling trip and the people of Iceland are warm and welcoming. Every year over 1.1 million travelers visit Iceland, which is more than three times of its inhabitants.

Iceland Tourist Visa-Best Option For Visitors

Travelers can immigrate to Iceland by obtaining the Iceland Visitor Visa which is a temporary tourist and short stay visa. People who wish to immigrate to Iceland to visit friends, family and friends can obtain this Schengen Visa. In addition, individual who wish to immigrate to Iceland can acquire an Iceland Work Permit to live and work in the country.

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