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Lithuania Becomes Popular Tourist Destination

Lithuania is one of the few countries where nature shows its best side. The meadows, the lush greenery, the refreshing climate welcome you to the land of churches and castles.

The tourism in Lithuania has been fast catching up in the recent past as trend to visit natural refreshing forests and age old castles is on high.  There are many beautiful old towns in Lithunia that have got recognition from UNESCO Heritage. Visiting these towns is one of the best things that any person who visits Lithuania on a tourism basis can do.

Spending time at the Baltic Sea coast is a refreshing feeling. This is one place where people flock to, especially in summer to enjoy the glimpse of green sea and white clean sand.

Also, the country side tourism is most preferable when in Lithuania. The rich flora and fauna is another attraction in Lithuania. It is no exaggeration to mention that nearly 400 country side tourism homesteads exist in Lithuania. In fact, there are nearly 1000 sites seeing places in this country that’s located on the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Tourist Attractions Of Lithuania

Most tourists from neighboring countries and throughout the world visit Lithuania to make their vacation most thrilling and exciting. Being a home to fairytale-like structures and rolling grasslands, Lithuania boasts most attractive tourist attractions such as Trakai Island Castle, Old Town of Vilnius, Curonian Split, Kernave, Kaunus Town Hall, Gediminas Tower, Christ’s Resurrection Church, Kaunas Castle, The Hill of Crosses, etc. These are the places that should not be missed by the tourists visiting Lithuania.

Lithuanian Cuisine

Lithuanian cuisine is famous for its use of beets, rye, berries and mushroom.  The popular meat in this country is pork, beef, rabbit, duck, chicken and lamb. One can even get yummy eel or bream as appetizers.  Cabbage soup with carrots, ham and onion is a popular soup available at all average restaurant.

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