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South Africa

South Africa has the most astonishing quality of life and solid business environment. Many people migrate to South Africa every year. Protection of health and security of South African people and their rights on the job offers in the country is the main aim of South African immigration laws.

South Africa is a market for potential growth and has created a special structure to drive global presence and business growth in the region. There are numerous investment opportunities in the country.  The South African government has launched a number of initiatives to drive ICT sector growth and bolster the country's position in the global economy.

Factors like the time zone advantage, language, cultural compatibility and skill access makes South Africa a favorable destination for the growth of business process outsourcing and IT services.

South Africa encourages immigrants who are in a position to put efforts for the development of the country’s economy. Applicants applying for the jobs in which South Africa has shortage of workers are highly encouraged by the country. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are also welcomed in the country.


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